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We all know confetti. Colered paper scraps just flying all a round at parties or special moments. At the time of shooting, everyone gets a party boost and dance and jumps throught the confetti. A party without confetti is not a party and ensures that special effect, party gasts will never fortget. is the online show with the biggest collection of confetti. Ofcource is confetti not the only thing you can buy on, but a wide range of innovative special effects and effect machines. Think of CO2 effects, party shooters, electric shooters, et cetera. 

Party big or small? Is does'nt matter. Nightclub, wedding, show business, organizer, light & sound companies, bussiness events till drive in shows. has for every party the right special effects and machines for just that extra experience! 

FXshop is a professional in special effects and is a part of ShowEffects BV Rotterdam. The collections of special effects is composite with specialist knowledge. All special effects are certified and are in possession of instructions. 
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