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Confetti multicolour shooters having a size of 50cm and a vuling of 45 grams. Available in multicolour confetti.

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Confetti yellow handshooter 50cm

The yellow confetti shooter with the size of 50 centimeters is a nice manageable size that's good to carry and easy to activate by hand. The content of the firing tube is firesafe. Typically yellow confetti shooters are very popular for parties, birthdays, weddings and openings. The interaction between the partying people and the people who shoot the confetti is very mood enhancing.

Use party shooter 50cm

The shooter contains two parts. The cartridge with nitrogen which ensures that the confetti will be fired is located in the lower part. The confetti content of 45 grams is located in the upper part. The hand shooters will show off when the user turns the lower part. At that time the confetti sensation shoots up to 10 meters into the sky. The confetti shooters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Especially with locations with a high ceiling it is no problem to use them inside.


  • Size: 50cm
  • Filling: Confetti paper fireproof 55 to 17mm
  • Range: 7-10 meters

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