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Metallic Streamers 2,5cm x 20m

The metallic streamers with a size of 2,5cm by 20m, the largest in the range with the greatest effect. The streamers are particularly notable by the shiny coating that reflects light causes. The format is ideal for use during major events or festival. The content is suitable for firing with a shooting system or effect machine.


The streamers can be spread in different ways. You can use a professional effect machine, an empty hand or electric shooter or you can distribute the product by hand. The content is fade resistant and fireproof. The maximum range can be realized in combination with a machine effect. The range can be up to a distance of 35 meters.
The product is available in different colors: metallic blue, gold, green metallic, red metallic, metallic pink and silver.


  • Size: 2,5cm by 20m
  • Packaging: 400 grams per bag
  • Content per bag: 10 streamers
  • Material: flameproof metallic paper
  • Not suitable for use with blowers or fans


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