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The package of 1kg slow fall confetti butterflies have 55 mm diameter and are ideal for both use, professional and in private circumstances.

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Slow Fall Confetti Butterflies 55mm 1kg

Slow fall confetti butterflies in 1 kg packages. The butterflies have a size of 55mm, so it stays long in the air. The butterfly-shapes can be very nice for a summer party or a party with a theme. In addition, the shapes are also fun for children. Despite its shape is perfectly suited for shooting machines.
The confetti butterflies are available in various colors, so you can adjust it to your style of your company or to the theme color. The available colors are: dark blue, dark green, yellow, light blue, light green, multicolor, orange, purple, red, pink, white, black.

Use Confetti Butterflies

The butterfly confetti can be spread in different ways. At a children's party or wedding it can be great fun to throw the butterflies by hand the air. For professional use, the 1kg package can also be very convenient to pop in the air with a shooter. For long range, it is the to make use of impact machines. By using professional equipment the butterfly confetti has a range up to 20 meters. The quality of the paper is guaranteed by the use of fire resistant tissue paper. The content is fireproof in accordance with ISO 6941. You can also check the quality by doing a request for the test reports.


  • Size: 55 mm
  • Bulk bag 1kg
  • Material: Flame Proof Tissue Paper

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